YJ+Rach :: Madmen, A Playground, and Love all Around

Yujin and Rachael were the type of couple who are both equally invested in their wedding, and dearly wanted to include their whole bridal party of groom’s men and bridesmaids in all the fun. Therefore they thought that one way of doing it was to bring everyone together for a few photos that they can keep on their mantle in their living room for the many years they will spend together.


They drew inspiration from the era they grew up in, reflected in the mosaic tiled dragon playgrounds of old that were fast disappearing from our local neighbourhoods, as well as a certain Madmen cast photo from for that added “glam” factor complete with local flavour (ie: durians).


It was certainly a change of pace and challenge as I was one of the bridesmaids, therefore I had to set the shot up, as well as dart back and forth to make sure all was right, and of course sneak some couple shots in between. But I was so glad I did this shoot andĀ achievedĀ the results I got.


Thank you for letting me do this, Yujin and Rachael, I had such a blast.



















Amelia Rhea

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