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Jade is considered such precious commodity when it comes to traditional Chinese families, and its uses date back even to neolithic times. As far as I have seen, there is nary a Chinese wedding that does not include at least one piece of jewellery containing this ornamental stone as it symbolises beauty, nobility and perfection, and represents social status.


The challenge, however, is to turn traditional jade jewellery design into something that is current, elegant or even edgy, something that reflects the personality and influence of a modern-day city dweller. Which is something that Xi does extremely well in my opinion, their range of jewellery includes both the simple and the ornate, and caters to both young converts and mature admirers. Think of it as a fusion of sorts.


Which is why I consider myself fortunate enough to be able to get early peeks of their one-of-a-kind pieces each season before their release. These are older photos of past work I did for them. ┬áIf you follow me on Facebook you’d have seen that a couple of the photos got used in the Mandarin Gallery ads and publications which is exciting stuff for me!


A post on their coming season’s pieces will be released soon. That’s a promise!








Amelia Rhea

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