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What I didn’t expect when I volunteered my services to Mizah and Jan earlier this year when I first chanced upon the work they do in the Macpherson community was the extent of which my heart would be touched when I embarked upon The Upcycle Project.


Participate !n Design works with the purpose of bringing an accessibility to art and design closer to communities in Singapore, with Upcycling being the chosen form of engagement with people through various events and activities. It was at the Upcycle Village that I first was introduced to Maggie – a stool upcycled from magazines donated by a publisher, and the rest as they say, is history.


With The Upcycle Project, they reached out to a number of local designers to gift five families within the MacPherson neighbourhood pieces of upcycled furniture designed according to their specific needs, some right in time for Hari Raya celebrations. But the furniture, though impressively done up, was not the real hero to me, but the connections and stories gained through the home visits of each family. For me, it was like an opening of horizons, when I realised that photography stretches beyond the aesthetics and I discover ways I can possibly aid people in giving them a voice.


It was beyond honour as well when I was invited to speak at their sharing session during the opening of the exhibition at the Civic Museum (opened by The Thought Collective). This is the last weekend you’d be able to catch the exhibition if you haven’t done so!



TUP publicity poster A1FinalFA.jpg


TUP Publicity Map Final FA.jpg



Thank you Jan, Mizah and the entire P!D team and designers. Please LIKE their facebook page and keep track with all the work they are doing. I had been thoroughly invigorated through the entire experience and can’t wait for more projects I may sling under my proverbial belt.





Amelia Rhea

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