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The weekend is here!!!


I know it sounds sad, but sometimes I am cooped up in the office so much in the work week that when Saturday rolls around it feels as if I’ve escaped from prison.


My weekends tend to be packed, I try to squeeze every second’s worth of activities out if there isn’t a shoot happening. I feel guilty if I find myself lazing around.¬†One of the reasons that lend towards my loathe of time-wastage is that I live in a city that has so many things to see, so many things to discover, so many new things that are happening in the differing corners of the country, so little time… (Yes, in case my international friends haven’t gathered yet, Singapore is THAT small.)


The precious two days are also when I stockpile on mobile photos that I like to slowly release in the coming week – a vain attempt in prolonging any weekend experience till the next one comes. Now you know my secret! Instagram has become an integral part of my life – allow me to do a shameless spiel right here and tell you that you can add me @meladegypsie !


I like to look through my old photos now and then and pick out some of my favourites. This time, I want to show you guys some photos that were inspired by geometry – lines, patterns, rule of thirds, etc etc etc.


What inspires you daily?







Amelia Rhea

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