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I have been withholding writing this article for some time, mostly because there has been plenty of debate between various photographers, be it on blogs or forums, on whether Instagram images can truly be considered as “photography”. However, I have come to realise why mobile photography has become so relevant to the modern-day photographers. Hence, the release of this article…


Admittedly, I am hugely obsessed with all sorts of photo apps. As an Android user, I had been playing around with Vignette way before Instagram entered the market and really liked the idea of using my phone to take photos on-the-go. This is especially so for instances where it isn’t really convenient to whip out the DSLR; like when you need to go on stealth mode in certain shopping malls to get past strict security, or while driving past some place interesting, or during the plane take-off (all of which I really shouldn’t be doing so don’t quote me on this =P). And since I travel around alot, sometimes I am unable to lug my equipment with me when I travel for business, but what I will always have on me is my phone. So in that way, mobile photography has extended into another alternative for me to capture the images I want or conceptualise on the move, made even easier with the availability of so many photo editing apps.


Some may consider this as “cheating” because all it seems to involve is slapping on a filter to make it look more “artistic”, but I have personally found that knowing which filters to use and how to layer multiple filters to create an intended effect is in itself an artform (not as easy as it seems).


One of the things that I truly appreciate in Instagram is the rich community. I do remember trying my best in shunning the app because I didn’t need to be obsessed over another social platform, but then realised I was missing out on alot because it is where many professional up-and-coming photographers discovered each other and also did a lot of casual interaction, and that is one thing I really love doing ever since my Flickr days, connecting with like-minded people. That was when I told myself I really needed to get into it. It wasn’t really easy because at the time Instagram was only available on the Apple platform, and I spent many a day taking photos with my phone, emailing it to myself, opening the images in the ipad for editing, and then the final posting… such good memories. You can imagine how relieved I was to finally have the app available on the Android market only recently.


So, after all that rambling, I just thought I would start showing some of the images taken off my phone in occasional instalments because I always want to push the boundaries of what can be considered as art/photography, as well as pump a little bit more human interest into my blog. All the photos in this instalment are the beautiful images I caught of skies while on a moving vehicle, or during my business trips when I can’t have my DSLR with me.


If you want to find me on Instagram, all you gotta do is search the tag @meladegypsie =D. Enjoy.






Amelia Rhea

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