SOLILOQUY :: Oh look! A lookbook!

7 years ago

This post is just to show how well and alive-and-kicking I am. It seems like I had been swallowed up by the surface of the earth but the contrary is true, I assure you. What I have been involved in is just alot more work coming from all directions. Travelling has died down and I'm using the time to catch up on all my post-processing.[...]

In Private

A Quick Christmas Shout-Out

8 years ago

Christmas has once again snuck up on me, despite numerous pacts to myself year after year to never let the last minute stress get to me. Yet here I sit now, nursing a chesty cough, anxiously tapping my fingers and brains for the final official work hours of Christmas Adam* to pass so I can be free to scrounge around for overpriced gifts for friends[...]