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All that Glistens this Christmas Season

7 years ago

    Just when you thought my period of giving thanks is over, I keep on finding lists of things to give thanks for. As they say, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings." And I've yet to hear crystal-shattering tones. There's something about the festive season that render me reflective, which is something I love and appreciate, because there are countless things to[...]


Esther :: The many faces of…

8 years ago

All babies are significant miracles of life, and such a precious gift to families. To her parents, Margaret and Nam Heng, baby Esther was that; a miracle, God's answer to their prayers, a gift that was made exponentially more precious through their patient waiting.   I wouldn't say that I know the complete nature of all the babies of the world, but I would like[...]


Shaun + Wenai :: The Couch Potato Engagement Session

8 years ago

It was an absolute pleasure to have been able to work at Shaun and Wenai's wedding the past weekend. Like every wedding I've worked for friends, it always feels like the journey comes full circle.┬áSo, as I commence with editing their wedding photos, let me delight you with some of my favourites taken from their couch potato engagement shoot in March.   Shaun and Wenai,[...]

Kids + Babies + Infants

Kids Photography :: Angels & A Fuzzy Peach

8 years ago

It just so happened that the elements were perfect that Saturday morning when I decided to snap a few photos of my nieces. They were both in a good mood, the sun filtered really evening in the dining room, and Angelica decided that a peach made the most precious commodity and would only let it go for her older sister, Seraphina.   Dare you tell[...]


Valentines’ Schmalentines

9 years ago

Here I am, sharing some love.   Cynics might call it Singles Awareness Day, 9gag calls it Forever Alone Day.   But I still believe that there is enough love to go around.   I may be called a fool to like celebrating a day designed as a marketing and retail playground, but I celebrate it mainly because it never is a bad thing to[...]

In Private

Casting Down Golden Crowns

9 years ago

  Post Christmas 2011.   Wreath of golden cones and glittery sticks Materials hunted down in the eleventh hour Midst of the bustle of a jolly holiday's eve A premium price needed to be paid Then comes a fumbling twisting in a circle But wait, no glue gun comes to the rescue And when the handiwork finally completes Alas! Gone are the celebrations of the[...]