Char+Chris :: A King’s Park and Perth City Engagement

7 years ago

Seeing that I lived in Perth for a good three years of my life and get occasionally nostalgic for the life down under, I was excited to be back for a stint and attending the wedding of one of my best buds, Chris and his fiance Char. I was even more excited to be able to shoot a quick pre-wedding the week before the big[...]


Look, It’s Snowing!

8 years ago

As much as it can in tropical Singapore. Spoiler alert: It's fake snow (figures). Although I'd have to say that silver confetti falls very prettily.   These were some of the outtakes from the last part of my postcard shoot, taken when I was going for that perfect image. Thought they all looked good together in an animated gif. I am very thankful for a[...]

Lifestyle & Design

Uyii Life :: A Lookbook Photostory

8 years ago

At first glance, what Uyii Bags represents seems to go against what people may view as a lucrative business in the local context. While other companies are striving to lower their bottom lines and increase their profit margins, what Uyii is more concerned with is making sure all their bags adhere to their philosophy of promoting locally handmade products.   When I first met Liping[...]


Shaun + Wenai :: A Tale of Two Couch Potatoes

8 years ago

Remember that photo I showed as a sneak of a couch and a TV on the shoreline? That was the last location of the set that we put together for Shaun and Wenai's engagement shoot.   When we were going through concepts for their engagement session, Shaun was pretty clear that he wanted to depict his fiancé, Wenai, and himself as couch potatoes in movie poster images printed[...]

Kids + Babies + Infants

Kids Photography :: Angels & A Fuzzy Peach

8 years ago

It just so happened that the elements were perfect that Saturday morning when I decided to snap a few photos of my nieces. They were both in a good mood, the sun filtered really evening in the dining room, and Angelica decided that a peach made the most precious commodity and would only let it go for her older sister, Seraphina.   Dare you tell[...]


Enjoy Cupcakes With Love

8 years ago

I am of the firm belief that amazingness has got to be shared (because sharing is caring), and aren't you lucky because this post has dual amazingness.   If you ever have a languid afternoon to spare, Cupcakes with Love comes highly recommended. Although their cupcakes are the type that might, at first glance, be lacking in the cream toppings department as we are all[...]