YJ+Rach :: Madmen, A Playground, and Love all Around

7 years ago

Yujin and Rachael were the type of couple who are both equally invested in their wedding, and dearly wanted to include their whole bridal party of groom's men and bridesmaids in all the fun. Therefore they thought that one way of doing it was to bring everyone together for a few photos that they can keep on their mantle in their living room for the[...]


A mela.de.gypsie Christmas

7 years ago

And just like that, Christmas 2012 is Christmas Past. But why should we even stop the celebrating? It still feels like Christmas stretches on to even until the New Year comes. I guess when Christmas leftovers start becoming last year's leftovers is when we know is the season for celebration (and excessive guilt-free gorging) should stop.   I've to say I'm pretty proud of my[...]

In Private

Je suis bohème

8 years ago

Just allow me this moment of vanity, alright?   I've had this amazing colour(s) for about a couple of weeks now, and I'm trying to fight fading as much as possible. All credit goes to Max from HaarAttic, he does great work. I sent this to him and yours truly is now on the gallery of his website!   Oh, vanity of vanities.   On[...]