The Mobile Photographer :: Lines, Patterns

7 years ago

The weekend is here!!!   I know it sounds sad, but sometimes I am cooped up in the office so much in the work week that when Saturday rolls around it feels as if I've escaped from prison.   My weekends tend to be packed, I try to squeeze every second's worth of activities out if there isn't a shoot happening. I feel guilty if[...]


The Mobile Photographer :: Cloud Catching, Skyline Seeking

8 years ago

I have been¬†withholding writing¬†this article for some time, mostly because there has been plenty of debate between various photographers, be it on blogs or forums, on whether Instagram images can truly be considered as "photography". However, I have come to realise why mobile photography has become so relevant to the modern-day photographers. Hence, the release of this article...   Admittedly, I am hugely obsessed with[...]