Just a Peek :: Hello there, Bright Eyes

7 years ago

Happy Hump Day to you all! Sometimes we just need something to break the monotony of work within the week, and I am more than happy to provide some sweet relief!   There's a whole beautiful story of faith and long-suffering regarding the wait for Esther, which I will share when it is finally time to reveal the entire set of photos. For now, I[...]

In Private

Casting Down Golden Crowns

8 years ago

  Post Christmas 2011.   Wreath of golden cones and glittery sticks Materials hunted down in the eleventh hour Midst of the bustle of a jolly holiday's eve A premium price needed to be paid Then comes a fumbling twisting in a circle But wait, no glue gun comes to the rescue And when the handiwork finally completes Alas! Gone are the celebrations of the[...]