Hannah :: Kids’ Birthday Photography

6 years ago

Let's change the tone up a little in here and talk about babies. Yes, babies! I'm only just beginning to notice that they seem to be everywhere nowadays, or perhaps it's just a sign of my ovaries exploding.   Jokes aside, I have been honoured to be present at many of my clients', past and present, milestones of celebrating their children. It started out with[...]


Hannah :: First Month Baby and Family Session

7 years ago

It's always lovely to be able to share in the joy of friends, especially when the joy comes in a bundle of cute. I photographed Eunice and Alvin's engagement nearly four years ago, and their journey just opened a new chapter with the arrival of Hannah. Even though the session was short, I love that I was able to capture the dynamics of their new[...]


Just a Peek :: Hello there, Bright Eyes

8 years ago

Happy Hump Day to you all! Sometimes we just need something to break the monotony of work within the week, and I am more than happy to provide some sweet relief!   There's a whole beautiful story of faith and long-suffering regarding the wait for Esther, which I will share when it is finally time to reveal the entire set of photos. For now, I[...]

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Kids Photography :: Angels & A Fuzzy Peach

8 years ago

It just so happened that the elements were perfect that Saturday morning when I decided to snap a few photos of my nieces. They were both in a good mood, the sun filtered really evening in the dining room, and Angelica decided that a peach made the most precious commodity and would only let it go for her older sister, Seraphina.   Dare you tell[...]


The Lion Sleeps Tonight

8 years ago

I have come to the conclusion that lions are indeed majestic creatures. Even behind barricades and fences. Now I know why they call them a pride of lions.   In this post, you will find yourselves in Gaborone, Botswana, where I continued on the second leg of my African journey. I'm such a city dweller, and cannot even remember when was the last time I've[...]