Look, It’s Snowing!

7 years ago

As much as it can in tropical Singapore. Spoiler alert: It's fake snow (figures). Although I'd have to say that silver confetti falls very prettily.   These were some of the outtakes from the last part of my postcard shoot, taken when I was going for that perfect image. Thought they all looked good together in an animated gif. I am very thankful for a[...]


Shaun + Wenai :: The Couch Potato Engagement Session

8 years ago

It was an absolute pleasure to have been able to work at Shaun and Wenai's wedding the past weekend. Like every wedding I've worked for friends, it always feels like the journey comes full circle.┬áSo, as I commence with editing their wedding photos, let me delight you with some of my favourites taken from their couch potato engagement shoot in March.   Shaun and Wenai,[...]

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Jenny + Munwai :: The Joy That Matters

8 years ago

If you are familiar with wedding planning, or even regular viewing of the variety of wedding blogs that are available today, you'd know that it is sometimes so easy to get lost in all the details. I have to admit that as a photographer I tend to get caught up in looking for all the pretty things, although I think belonging to the fairer sex[...]

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That Feel Good Feeling of Celebration

8 years ago

Thought that this would be a good photo, befitting the mood of celebration we are currently in. The Lunar New Year just started this week in Singapore, and we are all busy feasting with wide smiles on our faces. Let's just say that how we feel inside is not unlike how these lovely people feel at a close friend's wedding.   Happy Hump Day to[...]


Enjoy Cupcakes With Love

8 years ago

I am of the firm belief that amazingness has got to be shared (because sharing is caring), and aren't you lucky because this post has dual amazingness.   If you ever have a languid afternoon to spare, Cupcakes with Love comes highly recommended. Although their cupcakes are the type that might, at first glance, be lacking in the cream toppings department as we are all[...]