Valentines’ Schmalentines

8 years ago

Here I am, sharing some love.   Cynics might call it Singles Awareness Day, 9gag calls it Forever Alone Day.   But I still believe that there is enough love to go around.   I may be called a fool to like celebrating a day designed as a marketing and retail playground, but I celebrate it mainly because it never is a bad thing to[...]

Past Blog Entries

Hello, My Name is Amelia

8 years ago

And I am a photographer.   Let me get around the formalities first… Welcome, to my website, and my blog. The latter of which will be used to post latest shoots from engagements, weddings, and even developments of latest projects, exciting stuff!   What might also transpire within these virtual pages would be me. Me, namely, my ramblings, writings, inspirations, some random poetry… am I[...]