Past Blog Entries

Jenny + Munwai :: The Joy That Matters

7 years ago

If you are familiar with wedding planning, or even regular viewing of the variety of wedding blogs that are available today, you'd know that it is sometimes so easy to get lost in all the details. I have to admit that as a photographer I tend to get caught up in looking for all the pretty things, although I think belonging to the fairer sex[...]


A Christmas Soiree

7 years ago

There's nothing cliched about it. Year end festivities are best paired with irreplaceable company and wholesome food. Good, clean fun is never overrated. As long as it is complete with fairy lights and coloured flags.              

Looking Back

JENISE & KT :: A Cathedral Wedding

7 years ago

Today, I go back in time once again to showcase one of the earliest weddings I shot. Sometimes it's good to look back at older work, to see how much you've learnt, or to see if you're detracted too far from your origins.   Jenise and KT are a couple who proves that it is never too late in life to find love, or have[...]