Enjoy Cupcakes With Love

9 years ago

I am of the firm belief that amazingness has got to be shared (because sharing is caring), and aren't you lucky because this post has dual amazingness.   If you ever have a languid afternoon to spare, Cupcakes with Love comes highly recommended. Although their cupcakes are the type that might, at first glance, be lacking in the cream toppings department as we are all[...]

Looking Back

JENISE & KT :: A Cathedral Wedding

9 years ago

Today, I go back in time once again to showcase one of the earliest weddings I shot. Sometimes it's good to look back at older work, to see how much you've learnt, or to see if you're detracted too far from your origins.   Jenise and KT are a couple who proves that it is never too late in life to find love, or have[...]