Just a Peek :: The Portsdown Life ft. Amos + Jan (and other updates)

7 years ago

RANDOM NEWS FLASH! I am currently in Perth, Western Australia, and I will be here for a little more than a week with the main purpose of shooting a pre-wedding for a dear old friend of mine, as well as attend his weekend this weekend. While that's happening, I am also taking the chance for some much needed R&R, visit friends, my old university and[...]


Hannah :: First Month Baby and Family Session

8 years ago

It's always lovely to be able to share in the joy of friends, especially when the joy comes in a bundle of cute. I photographed Eunice and Alvin's engagement nearly four years ago, and their journey just opened a new chapter with the arrival of Hannah. Even though the session was short, I love that I was able to capture the dynamics of their new[...]

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Kids Photography :: Angels & A Fuzzy Peach

8 years ago

It just so happened that the elements were perfect that Saturday morning when I decided to snap a few photos of my nieces. They were both in a good mood, the sun filtered really evening in the dining room, and Angelica decided that a peach made the most precious commodity and would only let it go for her older sister, Seraphina.   Dare you tell[...]


Lin & Marc :: An Epic Bubbly Fun Engagement Session

8 years ago

Lin and Marc have personalities that complement each other so well, and they tell me it is a chemistry that is exacerbated by their love for rabbits. They love them so much that they wanted to incorporate them in the shoot but were unable to find the multitude of bunnies that was needed to fulfil the fantasy. However, we were adamant on being uncompromising on[...]

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JUST A PEEK :: Lin+Marc

8 years ago

A taste of the EPIC-NESS from Lin and Marc's casual engagement shoot. It was all fun and sweetness, bubbles and glow-jars.         Stay tuned for a more detailed post!