Just a Peek :: The Portsdown Life ft. Amos + Jan (and other updates)

7 years ago

RANDOM NEWS FLASH! I am currently in Perth, Western Australia, and I will be here for a little more than a week with the main purpose of shooting a pre-wedding for a dear old friend of mine, as well as attend his weekend this weekend. While that's happening, I am also taking the chance for some much needed R&R, visit friends, my old university and[...]


Valentines’ Schmalentines

8 years ago

Here I am, sharing some love.   Cynics might call it Singles Awareness Day, 9gag calls it Forever Alone Day.   But I still believe that there is enough love to go around.   I may be called a fool to like celebrating a day designed as a marketing and retail playground, but I celebrate it mainly because it never is a bad thing to[...]

Looking Back

Ruth & Yuwei :: A Four Seasons Wedding

8 years ago

It is always an honour to be invited to attend a wedding by friends. It is an even greater honour to have friends invite you to be part of the wedding party, it is a very special way to be able to bear witness have their joy complete. And this was what happened at Ruth and Yuwei's wedding. Ruth dubbed me her photographer-of-honour of the[...]

Looking Back

History and Homage

9 years ago

In the previous blog post, I mentioned that photography only came into the proverbial picture around four years ago.   Those have been four enjoyable, memorable and impressionable years, and the experiences of which would never have been possible without the support of my near and dear friends.   Consider this homage, to those who have loved me, encouraged me, believed in me, and most[...]