Come to Basically

8 years ago

As I had written in the first entry of the year, one of the projects that I have the honour of being a part of this year is Basically.   We are a pretty new team that consists of people from different industries coming together with the common purpose of finding ways in using their various expertise and disciplines to create social awareness and to[...]

In Private

Casting Down Golden Crowns

8 years ago

  Post Christmas 2011.   Wreath of golden cones and glittery sticks Materials hunted down in the eleventh hour Midst of the bustle of a jolly holiday's eve A premium price needed to be paid Then comes a fumbling twisting in a circle But wait, no glue gun comes to the rescue And when the handiwork finally completes Alas! Gone are the celebrations of the[...]

Past Blog Entries

Hello, My Name is Amelia

8 years ago

And I am a photographer.   Let me get around the formalities first… Welcome, to my website, and my blog. The latter of which will be used to post latest shoots from engagements, weddings, and even developments of latest projects, exciting stuff!   What might also transpire within these virtual pages would be me. Me, namely, my ramblings, writings, inspirations, some random poetry… am I[...]