Past Blog Entries

Shaun + Wenai :: The Couch Potatoes Get Married

7 years ago

Wow! It has certainly been awhile. But I reappear with an image heavy post on the wedding of Shaun and Wenai. You might probably remember them from their engagement I shot earlier in the year, the one where we lugged a couch to various locations.   True to their personalities, their wedding had touches of all things to do with the movies. From their wedding[...]


A Christmas

8 years ago

And just like that, Christmas 2012 is Christmas Past. But why should we even stop the celebrating? It still feels like Christmas stretches on to even until the New Year comes. I guess when Christmas leftovers start becoming last year's leftovers is when we know is the season for celebration (and excessive guilt-free gorging) should stop.   I've to say I'm pretty proud of my[...]


Look, It’s Snowing!

8 years ago

As much as it can in tropical Singapore. Spoiler alert: It's fake snow (figures). Although I'd have to say that silver confetti falls very prettily.   These were some of the outtakes from the last part of my postcard shoot, taken when I was going for that perfect image. Thought they all looked good together in an animated gif. I am very thankful for a[...]

In Private

Looking Back Going Forth, 2011

9 years ago

Standing in the cusp between the changing of years, and the official start of work, I feel compelled to set a tradition on this blog. 2011 zoomed past with frightening speed and although I had been busy with many projects, sometimes so many I didn't have a chance to breathe, I felt as though I have not learnt much, which scares me.   It was[...]