SOLILOQUY :: Oh look! A lookbook!

This post is just to show how well and alive-and-kicking I am. It seems like I had been swallowed up by the surface of the earth but the contrary is true, I assure you. What I have been involved in is just alot more work coming from all directions. Travelling has died down and I’m using the time to catch up on all my post-processing.


So far, it’s been babies, babies, a lookbook, wedding, engagement, babies, and did I mention babies? I’m sure you’ve seen the sneak peek before in all it’s cuteness. I posted a mention to the parents thanking them for letting me take photos of her and the family and then, BOOM! Suddenly I’ve been having requests for baby and family photography. Not that I’m complaining. If anything, it has been an absolute joy! I’ll be ready to unleash adorableness upon you in just a few.


But in the meantime, here’s a little peek at the collab I did with Uyii Bags.





Amelia Rhea

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