Sneaking past the new year

The last you heard of me, it was Christmas. Now we’ve sailed past the new year, found ourselves midway through January and I’ve been enjoying my little time off, maybe a little bit too much seeing that I’ve been reluctant to get back on the horse and into a fierce gallop.


I had a pretty good breather in Bali last week, hence the silence. A girl needs silence as much as she needs to be silent at times, you know? But I would like to report that I enjoyed myself, although most of the first day was spent getting over cold and fatigue. The exciting thing is that, as with most of my vacations, I brought my film camera along and I shot quite a few things and I’m pretty excited to see what comes out of it. There’s nothing quite like getting developed rolls back and seeing what you end up with!


Here are some sneaks while we’re waiting. You may have seen the Mad Men inspired shot on my facebook page if you follow me. The other is from the wedding of Shaun and Wenai. Both may have been different in styles in shooting and editing, but both equally satisfying in outcomes!


Hope all of you are having a great year so far, I do want to talk about things I have planned for 2013 but that will come in another blog entry! Hang in there y’all!!!









Amelia Rhea

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