Shaun + Wenai :: The Couch Potatoes Get Married

Wow! It has certainly been awhile. But I reappear with an image heavy post on the wedding of Shaun and Wenai. You might probably remember them from their engagement I shot earlier in the year, the one where we lugged a couch to various locations.


True to their personalities, their wedding had touches of all things to do with the movies. From their wedding portraits done in the style of movie posters, to clapboards, to even a popcorn and cotton candy machine!


I had thoroughly lost my voice the day of the wedding, so it was a challenge, and a comedic sight to those around me, to direct people when I was taking some group photos. Shaun said he should start tagging me as “the silent photographer”. But, it is things like that which make a wedding memorable for me.


Shaun and Wenai, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your joy.






































































Amelia Rhea

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