Shaun + Wenai :: A Tale of Two Couch Potatoes

Remember that photo I showed as a sneak of a couch and a TV on the shoreline? That was the last location of the set that we put together for Shaun and Wenai’s engagement shoot.


When we were going through concepts for their engagement session, Shaun was pretty clear that he wanted to depict his fiancé, Wenai, and himself as couch potatoes in movie poster images printed on the backs of postcards, reason being that watching movies at home is their all-time favourite thing to do when it comes to spending free time together.  By the by, Shaun is a globe-hopping film artist so when it comes to aesthetics and art directing, he knows what he wants, something that I appreciated because our shoot was one of the more organised; chop-chop and most was done almost according to schedule.


And of course, we brought Liquan on board for the layout of the postcards. You should be familiar with him, he’s the one who helped me out with my website and branding, and I welcome any excuse to work together with him as he’s my perfect sounding board. Us constant collaborators kinda make beautiful music together. I really loved that he used different styled borders for each photo.


There is definitely going to be more that will be showcased that aren’t part of the postcard series, but you will just have to sit tight and wait for those in the near future!






Amelia Rhea

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  • Pank

    June 25th, 2012 16:18

    Amazing work!!! I love this serie


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