Lin & Marc :: An Epic Bubbly Fun Engagement Session

Lin and Marc have personalities that complement each other so well, and they tell me it is a chemistry that is exacerbated by their love for rabbits. They love them so much that they wanted to incorporate them in the shoot but were unable to find the multitude of bunnies that was needed to fulfil the fantasy. However, we were adamant on being uncompromising on the level of fun so I broke out the glue bubbles! I knew there was going to be a use for them when I bought a box full of those tubes in Melaka. Our favourite shot is the one where the bubble Lin was in the midst of blowing came out in a shape of a heart (I have to admit I did minute nudging to make the shape more pronounced). We also tried out the glo-jar idea I came across from Pinterest for the evening part of the shoot.


They also had a catch-phrase all through their wedding-planning. They kept on saying, “It will be EPIC!”


And yes, it was.











































Amelia Rhea

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  • s.

    January 11th, 2012 0:32

    ooh i like this series - so simple but yet it seems, so befitting for the couple.i especially like the colored bottles - so unique.too bad there weren't any bunnies present hehe.

    • meladegypsie

      January 11th, 2012 10:20

      it is! I really enjoyed myself that day with them!

  • Aftediehoof

    January 25th, 2012 14:13

    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.


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