Just a Peek :: The Portsdown Life ft. Amos + Jan (and other updates)

RANDOM NEWS FLASH! I am currently in Perth, Western Australia, and I will be here for a little more than a week with the main purpose of shooting a pre-wedding for a dear old friend of mine, as well as attend his weekend this weekend. While that’s happening, I am also taking the chance for some much needed R&R, visit friends, my old university and get re-acquainted with a city I used to call home.


Before I left, I was given the wonderful opportunity of capturing the quiet moments of Amos and Jan (and their dog, Pastel) at their residence in Portsdown. The old colonial buildings gave such a dreamy setting, with light bouncing off everywhere from the white walls, to the lush green of their surroundings. The idea was to approach this pre-wedding shoot with the phrase “a day in the life of” in mind. Something simple, unpretentious and natural, albeit with a slightly glamoured up wardrobe. Because as Jan said, “It’s not like we sit around in our living room reading in a gown and our formal wear.” I had to have a good chuckle at that.


So here is a sneak peek… and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying the process of editing this session.










Amelia Rhea

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