Jenny + Munwai :: The Joy That Matters

If you are familiar with wedding planning, or even regular viewing of the variety of wedding blogs that are available today, you’d know that it is sometimes so easy to get lost in all the details. I have to admit that as a photographer I tend to get caught up in looking for all the pretty things, although I think belonging to the fairer sex contributes strongly towards that.


Then I photographed Jenny and Munwai’s wedding dinner party. Called exactly that because all they wanted was to hold a simple celebration with all their close friends seeing as they  had already conducted a small-scaled solemnisation a couple weeks before which only involved family.


Incidentally, I read Jonas Peterson’s Mason Jar Manifesto around the same time I photographed this particular celebration, and the amazing thing is that everything that Jonas talks about in his blog entry just seems to chime in tune with what this dinner party stood for. Jenny and Munwai, they had just one simple thought they wanted to roll with; to hold a dinner to honour friends and thank them for their support, and thus built their wedding around that.


After the night’s festivities, I knew this was what mattered: Joy, Happiness, Teasing, Laughter, Food, Alcohol, Touching Speeches & Friends who Truly Matter.
























































Amelia Rhea

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