History and Homage

In the previous blog post, I mentioned that photography only came into the proverbial picture around four years ago.


Those have been four enjoyable, memorable and impressionable years, and the experiences of which would never have been possible without the support of my near and dear friends.


Consider this homage, to those who have loved me, encouraged me, believed in me, and most importantly, given me numerous opportunities to grow and shine, and build up my confidence as a photographer. These are the people who have been willing (and unwilling) subjects, or have trusted in me enough in allowing me to plan their bridals and engagements, and on other occasions shoot their weddings. Without them, I probably would have stuck with self-portraiture and have photography left just as a hobby. And what resulted are the following; images from the early years.


Deepest love and gratitude to y’all. You will all always be special in my heart and life.



The New’s First Wedding Anniversary…









Eunice and Alvin’s ‘My Fair Lady’ Engagement…










Jeanne and Ivan’s City Bridal…







Amelia Rhea

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