Hello, My Name is Amelia

And I am a photographer.


Let me get around the formalities first… Welcome, to my website, and my blog. The latter of which will be used to post latest shoots from engagements, weddings, and even developments of latest projects, exciting stuff!


What might also transpire within these virtual pages would be me. Me, namely, my ramblings, writings, inspirations, some random poetry… am I scaring you off already?


It has taken some time (some might say too darn long) getting this blog off the ground, though not without numerous attempts. Truth is, I’ve had the domain listed as one of my online assets for quite a while, and it has taken all of three years to find someone amazing to help me set my whole suite up! Liquan and Janus, I’m looking at you.


I won’t go into thaaaaat much detail of why I find it important to keep a log, you can read a whole philosophical spiel of “Why I Blog?” over here. Apart from finding myself with a lot to say about various topics, writing had always been a first love. This was before photography came into the picture and took centre stage. Ever since, I’d been looking for ways to marry the two together to make something merry. (See what I did there?) Which is why I always tout myself as a photographer AND writer.


To round up, I trust that we will all have a great time together. In fact, I assure you of it.


In the meantime, let me know what you think of both the blog and portfolio area, what else you’d like to hear from me about, and visit both Liquan and Janus if you love the work they’ve done!!!



Amelia Rhea

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