Chasing Sunsets & Tangible Dreams

Six years ago, the thought of going to Africa was contained to just that, a mere thought. Something mentioned in passing to try and seal the bond of long distance friendships. The occasional conversation starter when people talk of travel – Africa: The continent less traveled, the land of zulu dreams.


I would never have guessed that courteous assent towards the topic would someday turn out to be a tangible dream.


Now, those friendships no longer remain ghosts of my youth. Bonds have proven truer with time showing as victory wounds. Most of our time together in my short visit, apart from me discovering their land, were spent marveling at how much we’ve changed and yet how much we didn’t.


Then there I was in the final hours, perched amongst moss and rocks attempting to capture that elusive Cape sunset. As I sat watching amber dissolve into the rich cobalt of the sky and shimmering sea on my last evening in Africa, I marveled at the thought of such friendships. Sealed tight and aged like wine, they are ever so rare, and for that i remain humbled and thankful.




















Amelia Rhea

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