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A Quick Christmas Shout-Out

8 years ago

Christmas has once again snuck up on me, despite numerous pacts to myself year after year to never let the last minute stress get to me. Yet here I sit now, nursing a chesty cough, anxiously tapping my fingers and brains for the final official work hours of Christmas Adam* to pass so I can be free to scrounge around for overpriced gifts for friends[...]


ANALOGGING :: Beginnings

8 years ago

At my age, I sit in the era in between the old and the new, where digital seems to be taking over everything. I have four brothers who are younger than I am and I doubt half of them ever had the experience of handling film; that's how technology takes over an era. I consider myself fortunate that there are still many functioning film cameras[...]

Past Blog Entries

Hello, My Name is Amelia

8 years ago

And I am a photographer.   Let me get around the formalities first… Welcome, to my website, and my blog. The latter of which will be used to post latest shoots from engagements, weddings, and even developments of latest projects, exciting stuff!   What might also transpire within these virtual pages would be me. Me, namely, my ramblings, writings, inspirations, some random poetry… am I[...]