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The Upcycle Project

6 years ago

            What I didn't expect when I volunteered my services to Mizah and Jan earlier this year when I first chanced upon the work they do in the Macpherson community was the extent of which my heart would be touched when I embarked upon The Upcycle Project.   Participate !n Design works with the purpose of bringing an accessibility to[...]


Just a Peek :: The Portsdown Life ft. Amos + Jan (and other updates)

7 years ago

RANDOM NEWS FLASH! I am currently in Perth, Western Australia, and I will be here for a little more than a week with the main purpose of shooting a pre-wedding for a dear old friend of mine, as well as attend his weekend this weekend. While that's happening, I am also taking the chance for some much needed R&R, visit friends, my old university and[...]


Look, It’s Snowing!

7 years ago

As much as it can in tropical Singapore. Spoiler alert: It's fake snow (figures). Although I'd have to say that silver confetti falls very prettily.   These were some of the outtakes from the last part of my postcard shoot, taken when I was going for that perfect image. Thought they all looked good together in an animated gif. I am very thankful for a[...]

In Private

30 at Madnest

7 years ago

The end of year is nigh!!!   I usually say that with a heavy lilt of panic in my voice whenever December rolls around each year. However, things seem a little different this time round! All of my heavy backlog has been finished, which frees me to concentrate on personal projects, like figuring out how to use the new film scanner I bought this year[...]

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Uyii Life :: A Lookbook Photostory

7 years ago

At first glance, what Uyii Bags represents seems to go against what people may view as a lucrative business in the local context. While other companies are striving to lower their bottom lines and increase their profit margins, what Uyii is more concerned with is making sure all their bags adhere to their philosophy of promoting locally handmade products.   When I first met Liping[...]

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Xi Jade :: Jewellery Design

8 years ago

Jade is considered such precious commodity when it comes to traditional Chinese families, and its uses date back even to neolithic times. As far as I have seen, there is nary a Chinese wedding that does not include at least one piece of jewellery containing this ornamental stone as it symbolises beauty, nobility and perfection, and represents social status.   The challenge, however, is to[...]