All that Glistens this Christmas Season



Just when you thought my period of giving thanks is over, I keep on finding lists of things to give thanks for. As they say, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” And I’ve yet to hear crystal-shattering tones. There’s something about the festive season that render me reflective, which is something I love and appreciate, because there are countless things to be grateful and thankful for.


I’ve had more than my fair share of love, when I realise the extent of which I am surrounded my people who love me, it makes me tremulous (to take a page out of Anne Frank’s diary).


I have, inwardly and outwardly, beautiful friends. Only made more evident this year through all the help offered and received in preparation for the wedding; something that I’ll guard against taking for granted. I thank them because they will make writing “thank you” cards so easy when all the stress and hubbub is over. So, the one way I chose to pay homage to them this year, is look back at the years of friendships and look at random photos I’ve taken in retrospect.


This year, I didn’t have the need to play dress-up, I didn’t don a Santa hat, or make myself a golden wreath, because all I need for Christmas is right here.


Merry Christmas folks. I hope everyone out there experiences the same warmth and love as I have.















Amelia Rhea

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