JUST A PEEK :: Adelene l’Amelie

In the same line as the post of the homage to my friends, this one is a tribute to one who is so far away. She gets her very own post.


Adelene and her husband, Daryl, got married in May earlier this year, and as soon as that beautiful engagement was past, they uprooted and took their lives to New York, New York, where Daryl is posted to work for the next three years. It was quite an adjustment going from daily wedding talk to taking note of time differences, but there is never a day that goes by without me thinking of her.


Consider this a sneak peek as well, a teaser from their engagement session I had the honour of shooting earlier in the year. I believe it deserves it’s very own lengthy blog post.




Dear Adelene, much love from this corner of the globe. It cannot be easy being far away from family and friends in this particular time, but our hearts are with you.


Amelia Rhea

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