AC+DC :: A Red Hearts and Glittery Engagement

In case you were curious, no, they aren’t fans of the band. Adelene and Daryl came up with ACDC through the combination of their initials.


Their shoot was a joy to conceptualise, what with Adelene’s love for all things quaint, which we were determined to have shine through. We had fun from the get go, from setting the theme, to finding the locations, making and sourcing for props and of course, the shoot itself. Such that no one minded one bit when the day was over and we were all covered with sand and glitter after the beach location. Coincidentally, the beach was symbolic for them; it was where they got together, and where he proposed.


I’ll have to say though, the greatest satisfaction for me was when I went through the first edit with them and Adelene says, “Daryl looks so handsome.”


That brings a smile to my face.






































Amelia Rhea

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