A mela.de.gypsie Christmas

And just like that, Christmas 2012 is Christmas Past. But why should we even stop the celebrating? It still feels like Christmas stretches on to even until the New Year comes. I guess when Christmas leftovers start becoming last year’s leftovers is when we know is the season for celebration (and excessive guilt-free gorging) should stop.


I’ve to say I’m pretty proud of my cards, my heart does a happy dance whenever I examine them. When I first sent them to the printer I was agonising over how many of each design I should print, wondering if anyone would ever want them, and now, I am struggling to keep a good sized stack for myself.


And yet, I’ve already left a stack of them at a few of my favourite local shops for you guys! Free-of-charge! Just because it is (still) Christmas! Did I mention FREE?


So, do go down and show Books Actually, Cat Socrates and The Little Drom Store some holiday loving! And to see my cards in real life, of course!


I hope you love them as much as I do!








Amelia Rhea

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