A Better Florist for Better Blooms

I do so love flowers, and I think it’s the perfect gift for girlfriends. There’s just something about giving something fresh and colourful that makes an occasion feel so lively. And let’s face it, you don’t really need an occasion to give a gift to someone close to your heart.


Unfortunately, I have a brown thumb and could never keep a plant alive, much less cultivate flowers at home. Keeping up with two little ones also makes it hard to run around and search for a reliable florist whenever the need for a bouquet arises.


So after much searching and reading of reviews, I finally came across The Better Florist, who, trust me, became a life saver in terms of helping me with time management in my busy schedule.


The team involved behind The Better Florist is an experienced group of florists who came together with a vision of revolutionizing floral services. They seem to be so in tune with what Singaporeans are looking for in terms of design and fulfillment, and what they come up with has met all the needs in our hearts.


A Better Florist started as a humble flower stand in Singapore, but they garnered so many fans and soon after, many of their own brick and mortar shops started sprouting up throughout Singapore in order to cater to the growing demand!


First of all, what you’re going to enjoy about them is their designs. They clearly speak the language and flowers, and craft bouquets that tell a personal story, one crafted individually for your loved one. And their flowers! Oh, so beautiful. Every arrangement makes use fresh of fresh, luxurious blooms, it will definitely make the recipient feel very spoilt.

The other reason I’m sure they’d be your go-to florist is that they are a 24 hour florist in Singapore! They make it so easy to jump onto their website and place an order. You can request custom orders and take a pick from some of the flowers that are listed on the website. They have a selection that clearly focuses on catering to a large audience. Every bouquet is slightly different, and exudes a different vibe.


Besides flowers, they also endeavor in creating get well soon hampers Singapore loves to buy for special occasions, gorgeous pampering bundles andfruit baskets. A Better Florist essentially has a very authentic sense for design. It seems that they have a special talent for turning everything they touch into a creation. I guess that’s what makes them the best florist in Singapore.

The cherry on top is their delivery service. Now, most florists have a basic delivery policy, but you’re always left wondering when they are going to deliver. The good thing about A Better Florist is that they are strict about their delivery. And, they deliver on the same day if you order on time!

Need something really urgently because you forgot about your anniversary? You can also get your order delivered within only 90 minutes anywhere in Singapore! Because they are located in so many different areas, they’ve created this synchronized web of flower shops that enables them to be fast and organized and ultimately, the most efficient flower delivery in Singapore.


Personally, even if they weren’t the cheapest florist in Singapore, I would have been interested. There’s no denying that when it comes to flowers it’s all about the looks and the availability, and they’ve nailed both of these.


And to my international friends, you know who you are. (Why are you so far away?) Now, what I believe to be the best florist in Singapore has spread its wings to Hong Kong and Dubai. And they can be found so easily! Just search ‘best florist in Hong Kong and the best florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi”, they are serious in making themselves a reputation for being the best.


So, remember what I said about the reviews? I never try things without making sure they are legit, if you Google, you’d see that a lot of people singing the praises of their Dubai flower delivery and Hong Kong flower delivery.


Now, I hope this entry becomes a big “hint hint” to my husband. He should know that he has no excuse even if we are traveling.



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