30 at Madnest

The end of year is nigh!!!


I usually say that with a heavy lilt of panic in my voice whenever December rolls around each year. However, things seem a little different this time round! All of my heavy backlog has been finished, which frees me to concentrate on personal projects, like figuring out how to use the new film scanner I bought this year (exciting, I know). Even my marketing postcards are nearly ready and all that is needed is to collect the printables and start the packaging, addressing and sending them on their merry little ways.


December is also when I normally start reminiscing back of the year past, and start giving thanks to the many things that have happened, good and bad. A major milestone this year was my 30th birthday. Yes, I just turned 30, can you believe it? I’m not sure I do just yet.


Yet, despite it being the big 3-0, I settled for celebrations ranging on the quieter side, contented with little meet ups with my pockets of friends for quiet meals and good fellowship. I am truly thankful that I have friends to celebrate birthdays with.


And cake. Lots of cake.


One of the mini-celebrations I had was at Madnest, where Shaun and Wenai bought all of us present this huge Hoegaarden dispenser, beer included, to share. It made for early-in-the-day happy hour. If you and your friends cannot decide on what to have, Madnest is a great place for a compromise. We feasted on morsels of varying international cuisines. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


*If anyone wants a batch of postcards from me (complete with a personal message), send me an email and I will be sure to send some love your way!


















Amelia Rhea

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