A Quick Christmas Shout-Out

December 23, 2011
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Christmas has once again snuck up on me, despite numerous pacts to myself year after year to never let the last minute stress get to me. Yet here I sit now, nursing a chesty cough, anxiously tapping my fingers and brains for the final official work hours of Christmas Adam* to pass so I can be free to scrounge around for overpriced gifts for friends of mine I failed to shop for.


Even the tree hasn’t been put up this year, I confess the thought of having to take it down deters everyone in the household.


I try to make it a tradition to take a postcard like self-portrait on Christmas every year, I have an idea set for this year. You’ll know if I am successful by boxing day. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from the years before.


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And I hope you all had more luck than I did with completing Christmas shopping.


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*For those of you who didn’t get it, Christmas Adam comes before Christmas Eve. I learned that from a student of mine, clever stuff.

PinExt A Quick Christmas Shout Out the explained in private

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ANALOGGING :: Beginnings

December 12, 2011
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At my age, I sit in the era in between the old and the new, where digital seems to be taking over everything. I have four brothers who are younger than I am and I doubt half of them ever had the experience of handling film; that’s how technology takes over an era. I consider myself fortunate that there are still many functioning film cameras in the market, and that there are still many professionals who prefer the analogue format.


When I turned 12, my mom made getting me a camera a rite of passage. She used to take part in the photography club in her secondary school so now you know where I get my inclinations from.


It was the friendly face of a middle-aged man who served us. He was the owner the corner unit of the row of shophouses at Holland Village. I distinctively remembered my mom saying, “Yashica is a pretty reliable brand.” A bit more bantering and a few moments later I was the eager-faced proud new owner of a camera. Digital cameras weren’t even in existence then, at least not in the consumer market, so what I got was an automatic “point-and-shoot” film camera.


Of course, since the entrance of the digital format, that feels like nearly a lifetime ago. That camera saw its fair share of family outings, camps, candid shots and pets. Nothing impressive.


I decided I was brave enough to move into a format that was more demanding technically about a year and a half ago. I figured that I had shot enough on the digital format and needed a new challenge, and was hoping that what little experience I had with my DSLR would leave me with as little errors as possible. I had loads of help and advice, mainly from Long, a friend I connected with a long time back who shoots beautifully on film. Did I mention he writes as beautifully too? See for yourself.


What resulted was opening up another dynamic of my relationship with photography, and that changed my perspective yet again. Because that’s what the bulk of photography is about – perspective. It is freer, more relaxed, and the expectations that I used to bog myself down with were gone. I could look through the lens without the pressure of pre-empting the result, and instead get excited whenever I send in the finished rolls for developing. The best part is that there is still so much to learn, it isn’t about pushing buttons anymore, it is about fine tuning skills.


And in the process of learning, I find myself producing images that give me a different kind of joy, and a certain sense of quiet. It has come to the stage where if I do not have a job to shoot, I’d prefer to carry my analogue cameras around for casual shooting.



Film01 ANALOGGING :: Beginnings the explained filmography


Film02 ANALOGGING :: Beginnings the explained filmography


Film03 ANALOGGING :: Beginnings the explained filmography


Film06 ANALOGGING :: Beginnings the explained filmography


Film04 ANALOGGING :: Beginnings the explained filmography




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Hello, My Name is Amelia

November 11, 2011
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And I am a photographer.


Let me get around the formalities first… Welcome, to my website, and my blog. The latter of which will be used to post latest shoots from engagements, weddings, and even developments of latest projects, exciting stuff!


What might also transpire within these virtual pages would be me. Me, namely, my ramblings, writings, inspirations, some random poetry… am I scaring you off already?


It has taken some time (some might say too darn long) getting this blog off the ground, though not without numerous attempts. Truth is, I’ve had the domain listed as one of my online assets for quite a while, and it has taken all of three years to find someone amazing to help me set my whole suite up! Liquan and Janus, I’m looking at you.


I won’t go into thaaaaat much detail of why I find it important to keep a log, you can read a whole philosophical spiel of “Why I Blog?” over here. Apart from finding myself with a lot to say about various topics, writing had always been a first love. This was before photography came into the picture and took centre stage. Ever since, I’d been looking for ways to marry the two together to make something merry. (See what I did there?) Which is why I always tout myself as a photographer AND writer.


To round up, I trust that we will all have a great time together. In fact, I assure you of it.


In the meantime, let me know what you think of both the blog and portfolio area, what else you’d like to hear from me about, and visit both Liquan and Janus if you love the work they’ve done!!!


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