Je suis bohème

April 20, 2012
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PinExt Je suis bohème portraiture in private

Just allow me this moment of vanity, alright?


I’ve had this amazing colour(s) for about a couple of weeks now, and I’m trying to fight fading as much as possible. All credit goes to Max from HaarAttic, he does great work. I sent this to him and yours truly is now on the gallery of his website!


Oh, vanity of vanities.


On the updates front, busy with editing and other projects on my end, and even those are fighting with my day-job for attention. I was just telling a friend that for the past couple weeks it feels as though I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water. But no worries, I should have another wedding to upload soon.


Till next time then.


bloghair1 Je suis bohème portraiture in private

PinExt Je suis bohème portraiture in private

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